Verbs Breathe Life into Your Piece; Adverbs Clutter

“Verbs are the most important of all of your tools,” according to William Zinsser. The English language has such a wide variety of verbs. Think of your choices: abandon, address, forecast, multiply, murder and party, to name a few. Using precise words that get closer to the truth will perfect your writing. Stop and think, what better verb can I use?

See if you can tell me the difference between these two sentences:

  1. Leah saw her dad.
  2. Her dad was seen by Leah.

One is an active voice and two is passive voice. Perhaps people see the second one as longer and think it may be better. However, a general rule of thumb is shorter is always better in writing.

You will learn overtime adverbs should be used sparingly. Many people who use adverbs use them incorrectly. For example, don’t write: the song screeched loudly; loudly is assumed by the word screeched.

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