From Large to Small Writing Decisions

Writing is about decisions. Some writers’ decisions are large such as what should I write about? Others are small like choosing the correct word. Every decision writers make build upon the next.

Learning how to organize a large story is equally as important as learning how to portray the first sentence in your piece. Still, logic is the adhesive that holds the entire piece together. Think of the best storyteller you know, someone who has rarely disappointed you with bad conversation. When that person tells a story you almost forget they are there. It’s as if their story had a well-orchestrated plan. Your writing should have a similar affect on your reader.

It’s crucial to convince readers to stay with you and keep reading. One of the most difficult decisions about any article is how to begin. Should it be weird, to the point, uncomfortable or new? It should be just enough to hold onto the reader. Each sentence should gradually provide him or her with slightly more information to make them continue reading.

Moving the piece forward, plain, simple sentences should offer the reader a gift: one thought. It’s too much for them to handle any more than that. Many times during the rewriting process sentences need to be shortened.

Creating a persona is another important decision writers must make. A humble writing persona can make your readers feel superior; it can also add some humor.

You will always reach a point in your writing when you feel it show you the door. It is important to get out of your story fast and not linger too long. You must not forget to go back and check that the story made a complete circle. In other words, was the person who began the story the same voice in the end? Did the story conclude? Did the ending feel right?

As a nonfiction or fiction writer you must go where the story leads you. If a story interests you, go after it even if it takes you to an uncomfortable place. If the topic interests you, decide if you want to pursue it, and then do it.


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