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WRITING IS AN INDEPENDENT CRAFT, but we all need help sometimes. I provide editing and writing help ranging from short consultations that can tweak the initial idea for blogs, articles, or books to thorough critiques of potential publications. I am a professional writer and editor. Let me tell you more about my editing services.

A few testimonials from my clients:

“Cranked out a long proposal this week and received feedback today from one of the lead sales guys. His comment: ‘Man, what’s happened? I don’t mean to offend you, but your writing has drastically improved. Have you done something? Everything here is straight to the point and fluid. No long-winded comments or unnecessary explanations.’ Told him I was receiving good training. Your guidance is paying off! Thanks!”

– Josh Fischer, Digital Project Manager building B2B eCommerce Solutions

“Alicia is an outstanding reporter with an excellent grasp of what is possible in today’s complex world. Her writing is spot on and always worth reading. She will no doubt go far in her profession.”

– Bob Steere, lecturer, Northwestern University

Blog Writing

This is for those who need blog articles or for those wanting to learn how to write the personal essay or editorial. This consists of phone consultations and email correspondence on:

  • how to construct a blog post;
  • how to write it;
  • how to edit it; and
  • how to build a collection of them for publication.

Copy Editing

Quite capable of performing reliable, fast, and accurate copyediting services.

Content Marketing

This service is for those seeking content marketing services such as proposal writing or presentation preparation. You will

  • a full read-through of the proposal;
  • theme and outline suggestions;
  • writing sections; and
  • over-the-phone consulting.

Other Writing

This service is for those who prefer to work one-on-one while writing for publication. This process includes:

  • individual over-the-phone consultations, beginning with an initial conversation, during which you will be given specific tasks to help you identify your theme and argument; and
  • follow-up consultations on how to structure your piece and how to get it written on schedule.

Let’s Discuss Your Project

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